Entertain Me depicts the social disconnection that technology can create. 
These observations are poignant and intend for the viewer to consider their own self-awareness in the face of technology. 
What becomes apparent through these photographs is the individual spaces we enter when interacting within a virtual world. Figures are isolated within the sphere of portraiture. Faces are illuminated by the literal light of technology that connects the world, yet removes the individual from physical and social interaction.
Expressionless masks are adorned and do not represent the interaction that is taking place within the mind.
Within this series, there is a contrast between reality and constructed fantasy. Cinematic lighting and surreal settings evoke a sense of drama that shows our unawareness, our dependency for and our fascination with technology.  When we exist within this fantasy void, there is a lack of engagement and a dislocation from reality. 
These are frozen moments in a world that is growing increasingly fast paced due to our relationship with and desire to push the boundaries of technology and always be connected.

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